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One of the keys to making good putts and trying to hole a lot of putts on the golf course is actually having a relatively clear mind, which can be incredibly difficult to do because I’ve just given you lots of different information about how you should grip the club and how you should swing the club and the line you should hit the ball and the break and the speed. And then I’m saying, now you got to clear your mind. You stood over the ball shaking because you’re not sure you've remembered everything that I’ve told you how to do. But this is where good quality practice can come into the equation. So if you can practice firstly the mechanics of your stroke, now ideally you can just practice that at your home, in front of a mirror or a patio door, something you can see your reflection in, you can practice the mechanics. You can practice putting up and down a rail to make sure your mechanics are good. Then you go to the putting green and you practice reading greens. Then you practice getting the distance right and you get your distance and your speed control right. But then when you actually go out on the golf course, you want to take all these things and just move them to the back of your mind and actually approach putts with quite a clear concise thought process about how you want to do it and start to have a little bit more confidence. There is nothing worse than seeing somebody with perfect stroke mechanics set up and then hit a putt that only gets halfway to the hole because they were so nervous and anxious and so they try to steer the ball into the hole. We sometimes get the golfers as well, lined up, got perfect stroke mechanics, then at the last minute, they look ahead to see whether it went in and they’ve just hit the ball far too hard.

So it's a case of sort of trusting yourself and convincing yourself that your stroke mechanics are good, your distance control, you’ve picked a good line, that’s all good. Now, just put all that to the back of your mind and just let the thing happen and don’t trying and affect or manipulate the putting stroke as you’re making it. Just let that club rock back rock through, roll that ball down on the line you’ve picked and hopefully with a clear mind and getting your conscious thought out of the way, your putting mechanics will work, the line you've read will work, the distance control you’ve practiced will work and you’ll start holing a few more golf putts.