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Video Transcript

So making sure you’ve got good alignment is only part of a good quality address and setup position. So if we’ve got ourselves pointing in the right direction with our feet, we also need to make sure that the rest of the body is what I would class as nicely stacked. So we want to have the feet pointing in the right direction, but also the knees, the hips and the shoulders neatly stacked on top. We wouldn’t want to see the feet pointing in one direction and the shoulders pointing in a different direction either open or closed, so we want to have everything nicely stacked up. The other thing we’d like to see here is a nice straight back position; so quite good posture.

So from down the line here we’ve got the club pointing in the right direction, we’ve got the knees in a nice position here. So the feet, the knees, the hips, the shoulders, we’ve also a nice straight back. We don’t want to have too much of a slouch and a slump here, there’s also an issue with some younger golfers where they arch the back too much the other way and lift the head up putting too much of a reverse C here. So a nice flat spine angle everything nice starts in the right position and you can see here my eyes are down on the golf ball, but I don’t have my head down but also I’m not looking up too much. My eyes down on the ball with a nice straight spine angle through here. So if you can couple a good alignment to then having the nice straight spine angle, the knees nicely stacked over the toes and the hips over the knees and everything and then keep your eyes down on the ball, you’re halfway there to making a really good setup to start making really goof consistent golf swings.