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And also part of the swing when trying to fix the slice is the transition between the backswing and the downswing. A lot of the battles when hitting the slice can be won and lost at this point. Now the transition point is where you get to the top of the swing and start the downswing, and where the hands move to at that point in time. What you’ll tend to see is a lot of players in this transition period of the swing will move the hands quickly out to the side of the ball, and this will pull the club head from out to him and moving left through the point of impact. By controlling the transition of your swing better you can drop it into a place, that will allow you to move the club on a much neutral path, now to feel a better transition as you get up to the top of the golf swing, if you can get the sensation that those hands are dropping very, very close to the body and they’re moving in a very, very slow tempo, then you can really start to get the sensation rather than throwing the hands over the top, that you’re getting to the top and then just gradually moving that club down very, very slowly.

Again, you can use it as a bit of a split drill so you can have a couple of practice swings, just getting that feeling as you’re moving up and down into here, and then moving that onto the ball with that slow transition feeling. Again, you don’t have to hit too hard to begin with, the whole point of this is to control the pace of that transition. But it will allow you to get that club moving a little bit more on the inside and to hit that draw. And it certainly like I said one of the areas of the swing where a battle is won or lost is where the ball will be going in its flight.