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If you're now understanding where the club should be to create the golf draw, let's look at the positions that you should be getting the club into and sometimes why golfers struggle to get into those positions. So we've understood that a golf draw is a swing path that's heading off to the right-hand side, but a lot of golfers struggle to get the club to that right hand side swing path potentially because in the backswing they don't get the golf club down low enough to get the club in behind them. And for lots of golfers, the reason they don't get that bit right is the backswing is too short.

Watch what happens when I make a really short backswing. I tend to lift the golf club up with my hands and arms, when I get to here the club's quite steep. It's very difficult now to get that club dropped in behind me, swing from the inside which is what I need to be doing. You tend to find that a golfer that has a short backswing, the club only ever stays in front of the chest. The club therefore comes out in front of the chest, comes across the ball at best and swings down the left hand side cutting the golf ball quite awkwardly which is exactly the opposite of what we need for a draw shot.

So the first tip I could give you to create a nice draw swing would actually be to make sure you complete your backswing. So a slightly longer and particularly around the body backswing; get the club around you're back here, then the club can come down from the inside and attack the ball. Then when I say complete your backswing that doesn't mean collapse the club with your arms to the top which would cause a steep downswing angle. So it’s a big wide turn down behind you. Then the next key position from here is to start your downswing with your lower body.

Really work hard on driving your hips in towards the target to allow the club to come in from the inside. So it's going to be a nice completed backswing, drive the hips, let the club come behind you and then allow your hands to work from there. So we're going to hit the ball out down the right hand side and try and draw it back in. So I'm lined up towards my red flag. I'm going to hit this down the right hand side and draw it back in, complete the backswing, start the downswing with the hips.

And I can hit that ball out towards the red flag, shaping it from right to left in flight. But if you're struggling to draw the golf ball, let's make sure we complete the backswing, drive the lower body into the downswing, swing from the inside. And then closing the club face in relation to your path will produce some really nice strong draw flights.