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Video Transcript

Now, the back swing sequence is very important. It gets the swing off to the right start. It allows the body to move into same positions, which are incredibly important to deliver the club successfully. However, the sequence that you built during the back swing needs to flip and it needs to reverse itself during the down swing.

So, what you will see is as the arms and the hands stretch away, as the shoulders begin to turn up to this full position, the right hip is rotated and turned to about 45 degrees. But you’ll also notice my left knee has come in slightly, my right knee has stayed nice and firm and my weight has transferred on to my right side.

Now, the weight transfer was the last thing to shift fully over. Therefore, the sequence will reverse itself by starting to move the hips left and returning the weight on to my front foot by moving my left knee back towards the target. Then my hips start to move. They start to rotate and then the rest of the sequence follows.

So, the last thing to come through after that my shoulders, my body, sorry, then my shoulders, then the arms, then the hands, and then the club. So, that turn and that rotation that I had on the weight back, that sequence and motion on the weight back is flipped and it reverses itself coming through the ball and that is the beauty of having a good golf swing sequence.

So, it’s getting setup, hands, arms, shoulders, body, hip, and weight and then weight, hip, body, shoulders, arms, hands moving through. And if that sequence is successful, we should be able to flow to a full finish and strike that ball away hopefully pretty well.