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One of the key components to the swinging the handle technique is how you initiate the swing. Once the swing has been initiated then a lot of the technique becomes very self-explanatory from that point and it develops a much more intuitive feel of the golf swing. Now the right arm and the right forearm play quite a key role within this whole technique and especially the takeaway. But the left hand becomes involved with a very simple movement as well. So to initiate the swinging the handle technique, what practitioners will tell you to do is take your grip, soften the hands and as the club moves away from the ball, although not thinking about the club, as the hands move away from the ball, the right forearm begins to rotate away.

So the right forearm will rotate away as it takes the club in the backswing. Now as that right arm rotates away, the left hand will perform what is known as a soft jab. Now as that handle is placed within that left hand, it is already clenched into a slight fist. Now as that right hand and forearm rotate away, the left hand wants to be moving outwards and performing a slight jabbing action as you move back. Now this combination of initiating the swing with the right forearm rotating and that left hand jabbing will give you a position which is moving the club away nice and smooth, nice and relaxed and which controls the club face appropriately.

But again this is not thinking about club head and face, this is thinking about hands and arms. So it’s that motion of rotating the forearm and having that slight jabbing action with the left hand and that is how you initiate the swinging the handle swing.