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That sets up the backswing, they’re all about getting you prepared for a successful downswing. Now if you've managed to get a better sensation in the club head address and you’ve got a better sensation of the club head during the backswing. There is no real need and there is nothing that would indicate that all of a sudden on the downswing you would lose feeling over the club head. If you're nice and relaxed to address, you're nice and relaxed during the backswing, you'll have a sensation of where that club head is you are setting yourself well for the downswing.

However, if you are struggling to get a sensation of where that club is travelling throughout the downswing there are certain drills that you can use. Now most often, most often people who lose a sensation of where the club head is during the downswing will have one or two movements. Firstly and more likely is it is the sensation, it's starting to be lost at the top of the swing, the body and the hands are throwing outwards and they start to move left throughout impact. Now, this is why you will see many, many people having that slice shot.

Now that is a big, big problem because obviously when you start to slice the ball, when you start to lose sensation within your hands you can really get a sensation that you don’t really know what you need to do at the point of impact; but there is a great drill that you can use during the top of the golf swing to give you a sensation of where the club head is at. Now what you need for this is just an iron, getting yourself in a solid setup position that we've spoken about. You can use the drill on the backswing to get a sensation of where the club head is if you want; but moving it up to the top of the swing.

Now to get a successful down swing transition you need the weight moving left and you need the hands to be dropping straight down if you don’t want to move into the over the top position. Now to get that sensation all you need to do with this drill is start to move the club down, but at this point here actually loosen the grip and let the club drop. If you can let the club drop and you can get it landing out behind you that movement of the hands being stroke out to lose the sensation of where your hands are at, you'll start to teach yourself to soften those hands moving into the down swing transition and get them into the slot that you need to turn through with a successful plan.

So getting setup, moving it up to the top and then from there softening that grip and just trying to let the club drop behind you. If you can get the club dropping flat behind you lined as this then you'll soften those hands enough to get that club dropping straight down and hopefully you would have microphone in your back pocket, which you could possibly damage.