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Now one area of a golfer’s arsenal that I really feel that is undervalued in a lot of people bags and sets is their wedges. You know these are my wedges; I've got four of them. And I would suggest unless you've got four wedges in your bag you'reprobably giving an advantage to a golfer like myself when we go out and play. I've got four clubs that I can use from inside 120 yards and back into zero yards around the green. Now those four clubs give me different options in terms of how high I hit the ball, how far I hit the ball, how much spin I put on the golf ball. Now for a lot of club golfers now when they buy a set of clubs, they're probably only buying one wedge in that set. A lot of manufacturers now make four to pitching wedge in a set of golf clubs and then they don’t have any additional wedges. Some golfers might have the traditional sand wedge pitching wedge variety. But you look at most of the better players at your club and certainly most of the better players on telly. They're probably carrying atleast three if not four wedges for most golfers now.

A 60 degree wedge or something similar to that 58, 60 is going to be the lobe wedge. I have a 54 degree as my sand wedge. I have a 50 degree as my gap wedge, which is the gap between the sand and the pitch, the traditional space there. And a pitching wedge at 46 degrees. So I have four degree spaces between all of my wedges. Now four degrees is going to give me a great spread of yard edges. I'd say this between 12 and 16 yards between my wedges. But if I didn’t have the gap wedge, or I didn’t have the lobe wedge, I'd find a much bigger space, much bigger gaps; and certainly with my sand wedge I'd end up having to open the phase and trying to hit flop shots all day long, because actually my lobe wedge hits that for me without me having to do too much. So I'd suggest if you're struggling with your wedge game and you're not taking advantage of those positions you’re putting yourself in after your first or second shot; having four wedges within your set is something like an absolute must. Try and get atleast three or four wedges nicely spaced, nicely gapped within your set. And the rest of these videos are now going to really help you capitalize on having some good wedges in your set.