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Making sure you have a nice light grip pressure starts with how you are placing your hands on to the golf club. There are variations of this grip that you can use, you can make it stronger. You can make it slightly weaker but generally if you get yourself a nice neutral grip, then the hands will be able to hold the club in a nice light way. So what you want to be seeing if you are right handed golfer is the club to be traveling from the base of the little finger until it goes through the middle of the index finger like this. What that allows you to do if you set the club face square at address is wrap the hand over, so the V of the right hand between the thumb and the forefinger is pointing up towards the right shoulder.

Now as in my fingers, I have that ability that I want when I am swinging. With the right-hand I am going to overlap, interlace my right – well interlace, overlap my right little finger in between the forefinger and the second finger of the left hand, and then cover the left thumb with a lifeline of my right-hand. That is the correct way to place your hands on the golf club if you want a neutral grip. However that doesn't kind of cross into the territory of how tight that you want to be gripping the golf club. That comes with more of a mental approach that you can take. There are a couple of classic examples that you can use and is also more of a scale that you can use as well.

The classic examples are imagine you are holding more of a live bird or a tube of toothpaste. So you don't want to be gripping the toothpaste so hard that he squares out the end. And you don't want to be holding the bird tight enough so you hurt it, and not light enough so it flies away. The other method that you can use is the scale method. It’s very, very simple. If you take a grip which is as light as possible, that you are hardly holding the club at all. Get yourself set up with this super light grip and just hit a shot, so super light grip and just hit a shot. After you've clipped the ball away hold on to the club, and then feel that grip pressure.

Because what would have happened is as you move through the swing the brain knows that with a really light grip pressure, you are not going to be able to hit the shot. So we'll tense up the grip enough so you keep control over the club head. If you do that enough times and you just keep checking that finish grip pressure that is the one that you'll most likely to see the best results with and that’s the one that you’re most likely to be able to -- to be able to move the club through good with speed whilst not losing control.