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So here is a nice little drill to try and work on that hip alignments that when you are setting up to the golf ball you can go through a little exercise particularly on the practice range to try and ensure that your hips are pointing in the right direction. We have understood now the importance of trying to get the feet, the knees, the hips and the shoulders all nicely on line but a lot of golfers being that physical make up or just that old habits, they might have got a little twist in that body, a little twist either way with their hips that is causing the problems.

So a nice little way of checking that out, looking at you from front on here, if I stand with my feet square to target, square to yourself and then I drop down a little bit, I squat down on my knees and imagine I am going to jump up, as I jump up my body would instinctively stack open a straight line. Even if I had a twist in my body and I bend down and I jumped up, by the time I have landed my body has probably got itself straightened back out again. The body just likes to be stacked, knees, hips, shoulders everything in a straight line.

So as I stack up to the golf ball, I can drop down a little bit just jump up and get myself comfortable, chances are everything is going to be in a nice straight line. So from this angle, as long as I take my guide off my feet, my feet are pointing in the right direction, if everything sits open with the rest of my body but then I squat down and jump up again, chances are everything is straightened itself out ready to hit down my feet line and my target line. So that twist in the hips is not a natural thing that we want to see in there, try and square it up and shake it out doing that squat down and jumping up exercise, you don’t even have to jump really high just the natural action of squatting down and rising up again is going to straighten everything out, line up the hips nicely with the rest of the body in order to hit back through and straight to golf shots.