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How can I tell if I’ll get a flyer and how can I play it? Now a flying lie is when a little bit of grass gets trapped between the club face and the ball; the ball comes out with less backspin, but it comes out with explosive distance. So it can leave you in a bit of an awkward situation and send the ball flying over your target into a bit of trouble. Now learning when you’ve actually got a flying lie just take a little bit of experience, but if your ball is slightly sat in a light rough and you can tell there’s going to be a little bit of grass trapped between the ball and the club at impact, it’s worth taking a gamble, taking a little bit less club, and hoping that the extra distance will be produced.

So as you try and reduce this effect and to try and maybe play this shot with the same club, you can adapt your set, you can adapt your swing slightly, to hopefully make you a little bit more consistent. If you have got a flying lie, you can play almost a little bit of a punt shot to try and control the distance. So get the ball pretty much in the middle of the stance so I’ve got a 7 iron here, so the ball pretty much in the middle of the stance put a little bit of weight forward, the hands just slightly ahead of the ball, and try and get as close to that ball the impact that you can, so striking the ball first, and then down into the ground. If you can get that shot, then hopefully there will be less actual grass trapped in between the ball and club face, and a more, kind of more work will allow distance you’ll actually be able to get, it will be more consistent and you’ll be able to judge your distance a lot, lot better. So, with the 7 iron ball in the middle of the stance, weight a little bit forward, hands ahead, just try and make contact with that ball first, playing a little bit of a punt shot.

So it’s a great little way that you control your distance a little bit more. What you don’t want to be doing is seeing your golf flying lie and just trying to ignore it and hope for the best. Using good course management involves setting your lie and then picking a club and a swing which is appropriate to that lie. So don’t ignore it; learn how to spot it, and also learn how to play it. Because you will get them throughout the round but if you can tackle them successfully, then your score on that hole should hopefully be a good one.