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Consistently striking the ball out in the middle of the club face is one of the most fundamental parts of a good golf shot. We see so many golfers that have really fantastic golf swings, brilliant setup, brilliant swings, loads and loads of club speed, and then they misstrike it. And more importantly, they do not understand that they are misstriking it. So they hit the ball left and right and long and short and they just don’t know whereabouts they are losing their power, losing their accuracy. Well here is a $2 tip that will help you out. Go on and get yourself a roll of brown tape. Now this is kind of classic brown tape that you used to wrap up a parcel or something like that. And you take a small section of it, and you just place it on the clubface. Just wraps over the clubface, dead simple, sticks on rally flat. Go ahead and hit a couple of golf shots and you will soon start to see whereabouts your striking it from, it leaves a clear imprint after each ball.

Once you have hit five or six balls off the clubface. You would probably need to tear it off and put another piece on, but again it is just another five-second job. And you will start a little build up of maybe a pattern of shots, maybe a pattern two many hitting the hill, too many hitting the toe, the top or the bottom. Once you’ve understood the pattern you could then go ahead and make the relevant changes and corrections to start trying to strike the ball more in the center. And again, once you understand where it is hitting, you can relate that back to the feeling or even the sound during the shot. So if you know it felt a bit funny, it sounded a bit funny and then you look down and you can see it’s too much in the toe or too much in the heel you can attribute that noise, that feeling, that sound to where it struck. Then when you are actually on the golf course and you are not allowed to use the brown tape on the golf course don’t forget that, certainly not in a competition. Even if the tape isn’t there you would still know where I have actually hit it from because of the sound and the feeling and the feedback you have had in practice. So go on and get yourself a little roll of brown tape. Use that the next time you are practicing on the clubface for you to understand where your ball striking is and how you can improve your consistency and your accuracy by hitting the sweet spot on your golf club.