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Video Transcript

When looking for problems with strikes and when looking for problems with divots, the heel deep divot is a big issue for many people. And it’s actually caused as you are coming through the ball. As the handle gets low, the hands become low. The toe starts to lift in the air. The heel starts to contact the ground first. But it’s actually combined with also a steep angle of attack. So as you are coming down in to the ball, the hands drop low, and the heel really starts to go down and dig into the ground. It’s often combined with a bit of a shot which goes off to the right-hand side when you actually start to contact the ball from the heel and it starts to become that dreaded S word.

And it is a bit of a clue when that will start to happen. Now to actually help try and solve this, there are a number of different things that you can do, but then there are also a number of great drills that you can use. Now I’m going to just get a tee peg, and I’m just going to give you a little bit of an example drill that you can use. It’s that simple. So it's just taking an 8 iron here. It's teeing the ball up. So it’s quite high off the ground, so it's probably what I'd call slightly too high if you're using on a par 3 for example. Sure that makes sense.

But it’s just slightly too high for what you normally see with a teed up iron shot. And all I really want you to be doing is getting yourself set up. Getting that leading edge so it’s nice and flat to the ground. Getting yourself in a good posture position that as you are moving through the ball, very simply just try and hit the ball up into the air without taking any divots at all. What this drill does it allows the club to be coming in a shallow angle of attack. Notice that and it may also cause you to come a little bit more from an inside path.

Using this drill is a fantastic way to start taking those heel heavy divots. And you can use this like I said when you play short shots. You can use this with full shots. It doesn't really matter. But give it a go and see if it helps.