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Video Transcript

Now if we want to strike this ball correctly, we’ve got to access the angle of attack coming into the golf ball. And make sure the angle of attack is correct for the right club that I’ve got, if I’m getting too steep into the golf ball or too shallow into the golf ball, I really could struggle with getting a good quality of contact. And a lot of this quality of contact can come down to the ball position that I select. So here is a little guide I’d like you to follow, I’d like you with your shorter irons, your lobe wedge, sand wedge, pitching wedge, if you are hitting a basic shot with those clubs to play the ball from exactly the center of your feet. Now your stance might be a little bit narrow if you’re playing these wedge shots particularly if you want more control. But the ball position stays nicely in the center, that way when we drive forwards into the ball with the body weight. We actually have quite a nice angle of attack, we’re hitting the ball then we’re carrying on down into the turf with a nice steep descending angle.

Now if we take that approach with the wedges, we need to do something slightly different with the woods because if we we’re to hit down on the woods, it would be a very depressing hit down on the ball. There’s not enough loft on those clubs and the ball wouldn’t go very high up in to the air. So we change things slightly, we shuffle to our right side here, we have the ball almost touching the left instep, and then we sweep the ball up into the air, the angle of attack, the way the club comes down its going to bottom out and then it’s going to sweep up and lift the ball and hit the ball higher up in to the sky by having a more forwards ball position. So the angle of attack changes, because the body position changes in relation to the golf ball. The ball moves back, the body weight moves forwards, we hit down on our wedges, the ball moves forward, the body weight moves back, and we hit up in to our woods and we sweep the ball a little bit high up in to the air. So that ball position and body weight position can change the way we hit the golf ball and get better strikes throughout your whole bag.