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Video Transcript

One of my favorite drills to stop golf hitting the ball from the toe side of the golf club is actually to encourage golfers to hit low punch shots. And I will explain why I think that’s quite important. What I would suggest is you take a nine iron or pitching wedge, something like that, head to the driving range or the practice ground, and focus on hitting low punch shots that don’t rise too high up in the air. Also you don’t have to hit the ball too hard with this shot. The reason why I think that’s important to do is it stops you doing the two things you’ve probably been doing wrong in the first place. So a punch shot should encourage your hands to be nicely in front of the golf ball through impact. Having the hands ahead here is going to work well to hit the ball low. It’s also the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing wrong in your swing where you’ve been early extending then pulling across and scooping and hitting the toe shot. So by hitting that low punch, we tend to bring the club more from the inside travelling to the outside and most importantly keeping the hands ahead rather than having the early release and over the top. The second element of a punch shot is about keeping your body down and on top of the ball trying to steepen your angle of attack and hit the ball and turf.

So if we were trying to get nicely in front of the golf ball and hit ball turf, we are hitting down here, ball turf, you can see there is no way my body is going to stand up and pull away from the ball and hit the top of the ball or toe side the ball during this because I am staying down. So it’s almost the exact opposite of the two things you could have been doing wrong in the first place to correct the toe are both cured by this staying down, hitting the low punch. So we take a pitching wedge, ball in the center of the stance, aiming parallel to the shaft here, up towards the red flag in the distance, ball ahead, hands ahead – sorry ball middle, body weight and hands ahead to create a good strike down and stay low and really force the ball out with a low punching action and you can see it’s very steep angle of attack here. So I’ve really stayed down with the ball, bal flight came out quite low, loads of lag, didn’t have any early release. And if I can build that punching exercise into my practice routine, that should help me avoid hitting the toe side of the club a little bit more regularly. So if you’ve been toe siding the ball and hitting it to the right with a weak flight, go with a wedge to the practice ground, focus on hitting low punch shots and see how your game improves.