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Hopefully, you’ve now started to control the low point of your swing a little bit more with your irons, with your driver, with your wedges. You are starting to improve the ball strike and the flight of the golf shot. And, first, that might just happen in practice, so on the driving range getting better quality of strike here. When you go on the golf course, you might still struggle a little bit with your low point control and that’s often the case that when you go on the golf course, it’s just not that flatten, that even like it’s here on the driving range or on the practice ground.

So, we got to be careful that when we do go and play for real on the golf course, the uneven lies can make quite a big difference, you know, this low point control is quite fine, as a couple of centimeters either side of the ball makes quite a big difference to the shot. So, certainly putting yourself on a slope one-way, another way, this way, this way, it can make a big difference the way you play. And that’s why some golfers are great here, go on the golf course and struggle. The uneven nature of the lie just upsets the balance a little bit.

So, a couple of golden rules that I would like to see when you do go and play, when you do find yourself on uneven lies on the fairway. The first thing just be to widen your stance at first. Just widening your stance generally just gives you a little bit more balance particularly when you are on the uphill and the downhill slopes. A slightly wider stance lowers you to the floor, it should just give you a little bit more control.

The other consideration might be that you actually just club up, so on uneven lies, just take one more club and then go easy. That doesn’t mean that I want you to lack commitment and slow down as you hit the ball, but it just means you shouldn’t be swinging out of your boots and falling over, because if you have got a shot and you think, well, this is right on the limit for this club, I’m going to have to really battle this one and then you find yourself on an uneven slope, you might feel as you make your swing, you are actually too far off balance and you don’t hit it very well, because you are trying to over hit the shot as well. So, club up, swing smoothly within yourself, you must slightly wide a platform that should help you control your low point even when you’ve got some uneven lies to contend with.