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How can I stop fatting my golf iron shots? Now a fat shot, a fat shot when you’re actually hitting your irons is when the club impacts the ground just before the ball, it kicks up a lot of dirt, and the resulting shot is normally just a bit of flump of the ball about 10 to 20 yards in front. It’s a very frustrating shot and it’s a very annoying shot because it doesn’t really get you any closer to your target.

Now normally when you actually hit a fat shot the action that is needed is the wrist to break down in the downswing a little bit too early. What you want to be seeing is the angles between the wrists and club built up in the backswing is 90 degree angle to actually remain throughout the downswing until it impacts where the hands are slightly ahead of the ball, the ball is struck fast, and then a little bit of tuff afterwards.

The big difference with a fat shot is the angles built up in the backswing will be lost too early and then as you come down into impact, the ground is caught before the ball and you hit that fat shot. Now to practice this, it’s a very easy kind of little technique to use; it’s almost like a bit of a semi pitch shot but using a mid-iron. So I’ve got a 7-Iron here, and when I set up as I would with my ball positioned just forward of center, I’m going to pop a little bit more weight on to my front foot. I’m only going to be using half swings.

So back to this position here where the angle is greater between my left arm and the club and that 90 degree angle is formed in the wrist. I want to come through the ball. I'm going to make sure my hands just get ahead at impact and just try and bruise the ground afterwards. And if I’m struggling with fat shots, I can hit shot after shot like that just trying to train myself and just trying to get used to catching the ball first and then a little bit of tuff.

So if you are fatting the shot as normally, when the wrist unhinge, the weight might move backwards and you catch the ground first. So just have a few goes to keeping the weight a little bit more on the front foot, getting the angels built up, club before – ball before the actual tuff slightly descending blow, purchase that little technique and hopefully you’ll soon get rid of those fat shots.