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When you see my clubface there, you can see the last imprint that I have just hit on the clubface with my driver. And this is a great level tip to help you understand where your ball striking is on your clubface. Now the thing I am using here is actually a foot odor neutralizer, a foot odor spray. And it comes in almost in a talcum powdery kind of consistency when it’s sprayed onto your clubface. So you stand back, you spray it onto your clubface after you have wiped it nice and dry and it leaves a residue on the clubface. And then as soon as you strike your golf ball, you are getting instant feedback of where you hit on the clubface. It works brilliantly particularly with the drivers and the longer clubs because it leaves a nice big imprint, and actually on line you can see where the tee peg was struck and when the golf ball was sitting on top of that. What I would do then is wipe that off, spray it on again and have another go.

You will probably get four or five imprints on one club before it gets a little bit crowded. And what you are really looking for there is you are looking for some patterns, some consistency in whereabouts you are striking it. Understanding that it does not matter how good your swing is if you are not consistently striking your driver particularly out of the middle of the club, you are really sacrificing a huge amount of distance and actually a lot of accuracy and consistency. So you might have spent €300 on a driver but for a $2 can of odory to foot neutralizer you can actually see whether you are getting the $300 out of that driver, efficiently or whether you have got a brilliant driver but off centre strikes and that is why it is not flying as far as it should do. So, a bit of foot odor neutralizer on the clubface is a great key for better ball striking success.