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Now it’s fair to suggest that not many tall players struggle with the slice. You are not going to win a great deal of money if you are battling a slice in your game. So if we look at the tall players and we see what they do well in their games, maybe that’s something we can bring into your game as well to help encourage you to hit the ball straighter and reduce the amount of slice you get on the golf ball. The first thing that a lot of tall players have in common is particularly different to amateur club players, is they have great tempo and great balance. So during their swings there’s no rushing movements, there’s nothing that’s happening too fast. Everything is loading with power and then releasing. So during the backswing phase it’s loading up and creating a nice wide turn, then there is some power, so clearly its fast coming down, but there is no real massive change of tempo. So one, two, three during the swing and maybe that’s something that you could work on in your own game, counting the one, two, three. I see far too many club golfers that have one, two and miss out the three. You know the one is the backswing, the two is the hit, and there is no three. There is no sort of extra smooth transition, it’s just one up and hit it on the downswing. So try and copy a good player’s tempo next time you are watching them on TV.

You see the slow tempo that then accelerates into the golf ball. That’s something nice to see. Other thing we often see nicely in tall players is balance, you know throughout the shot. They are always in balance, nice and smooth into a finish. We see a lot of club golfers that look like they are swaying off balance then diving at the ball, then maybe taking a step afterwards. So again try and learn from the tall player. Good tempo, good balance. One other area I think all the tall players finish nicely in, is they finish the swing so beautifully and balance as well. And they make a real effort to get to the finish of the swing. The golf ball is not the end of the swing for a tall player. The golf ball just gets in the way and the end of the swing is up here nicely and balanced. We see so many club players that hit the golf ball and like that’s the end of the swing and then they are falling over at the finish. So we want to make sure that we’ve made this nice big backswing turn, big beautiful finish and then hold the balance all the time the golf ball is in the air.