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Video Transcript

All these drills that we’ve spoken about, how to become a consistent ball striker, these are nothing if we can’t do it within a controllable rhythm. Now everyone’s rhythm is different, some people will swing faster, some people will swing slower and find different points at which they can control their swing. Having a nice smooth rhythm does mean different things but there are ways that you can play around and have a little bit of a different take on how fast you are swinging the club. And you can do it via percentage test.

So all you need to be doing is over a golf ball swinging full out, so what you would consider 100 percent golf swing. So if you made that a bit back, and really try to move that swing fast through the ball as much as I can really generating as much club head speed as possible. On the next practice swing what I’m going to do is I’m going to swing it 50% of my power, so 50 percent through impact. And then what I’m going to be doing when I actually hit the shot, so we get a 75 percent. And what you will generally find is people swinging around 75 to 85 percent of their potential power will hit the most consistent shots.

So I’m going to move through at 75 percent, and just notice how my swing rhythm slows, is much more controllable. A nice smoother end, just allow me to find the center of that club, move through in a nice controlled manner, I strike the ball nice and consistently. So please have a go at this drill, find your swing rhythm, find the swing that you’re most consistent at hitting the center of the club face with, and you should find that translates onto the course with much better golf shots.