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Trying to find your natural golf tempo can be quite difficult because for a lot of people they misunderstand that a slow tempo should be the same for everybody well it’s not always the case. Some golfers actually play better with a quicker tempo it just suites them. Well other golfers the slower the better. Generally when you play golf you want to try and keep in the same tempo from the first hole to the 18th hole. Whether it’s the first round of the competition or the final round of the competition and your tempo should pretty much try and match the way you live your life. I guess we look at Ernie Els as the best example of a tempo driven golf swing. He’s called the big easy his golf swing is big and it’s easy but so is he. He’s a big guy a big sort of friendly giant of a guy you don’t really see any Ernie Els rushing around all often. He takes his time in everything he does and he takes his time in the golf swing and that works great for him.

But if you live your life at a different cadence if you cadence is quick, quick, quick you know you're busy at work, your busy with the family, you race up to the golf club on a Saturday morning, yes you can try and chill out a little bit. But to then loll up around the golf course making big slow language swings because that’s what you see the guy’s on the TV do that’s probably not going to work for you. You're a high energy high tempo kind of guy. So let’s make sure the golf swing has a little bit that sort of fast commitment a bit more of the swash buckling approach, a bit more of the savvy approach. So you walk up to the golf ball you peg it up you take your little step back you have a little bit of a practice swing there nice and quick and then straight into the ball don’t take too long and then get it hit and that might be the tempo that suites your game a little bit better. So don’t misunderstand that slower is better that’s not always the case. If you’ve got a fast tempo in your life and you feel better and more comfortable playing fast tempo on the golf course, just go with that. There's a difference between fast tempo and rushing. Improve your tempo improve your golf.