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Video Transcript

This is a great drill how you improve the golf swing sequence, specifically what you want to be seeing at the point of impact and during the downswing. The backswing sequence is important but it is nowhere near as important as the throughswing sequence, because that is where the magic happens so to speak. Now the way to do this drill is by using a preset position with the body to address and then trying to mimic it at the point of impact. Now what I mean by that, is I’ll just drag a little bit of the ball across here. Address what I want to impact, what I want to see happen is my weight to be moving left, my hips to be opening, my leg to be straightening, and my hands to be ahead of the ball in this position here. Now what I’m going to do is I’m going to set up like this and then I’m going to take it back just a halfway and then move through and try and repeat exactly the same position. This will get you the feeling that you’ve already moved left, that you’ve already opened up those hips, and it will give you the feeling of what you want to be seeing at the point of impact, and the feeling of the sequence that you want to be making. With that setup into there and I’ll turn away, you are just using that downswing sequence again and again and again, and it will really get you the feelings that you want to see.

So, set up and have a little go at this one. Gripping just slightly down the shaft presetting that position there, moving up, and then turning back down into that same position. So, up and then moving it down, just getting the feeling that that sequence is being grooved. Very good drill to use, give it a go, and it should help you move into impact with a much better sequence.