Video Series

Video Transcript

So when you are striking the golf ball be it with your driver, your irons, or even your putter, it’s important that we get a good quality contact on the golf ball. Now the contact is probably nearly as important as the way you swing the club because you’ve seen an awful lot of good golf swings ruined by making poor contact with the ball, and particularly if we hit the ball towards the toe side of the shot, that’s what we are going to look at now, is hitting the ball off the toe side. Ball hits the toe will definitely not go as far as you intended it to. Therefore it probably won’t go as high as you intended it to. And depending on how aggressively you hit it off the toe, it could well, straight across the across the floor side right here. It could arc quite weakly to the right hand side and go quite short or it could go relatively straight and quite short all caused by the same problem of hitting the ball to the toe side.

Now it doesn’t matter what the manufacturers tell you about how consistent and how forgiving their irons are. Any ball that’s hit away from the center is losing some degree of power and some degree of accuracy. So even with the most cavity backed forgiving drivers or irons or whatever you want to believe the manufacturers tell you, hitting the ball off center is not going to do your game any good. So the first thing that we need to do is identify where the ball is being hit from using impact tape or just even using the marks that the grass in the mud made when they impact the face. Then if you are understanding that we are hitting the ball on the toe side, hopefully this next series of videos will really help you understand how you can start to strike the ball better and get the ball away from hitting the toe.