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So a great question is, what are golf offset irons and how can they help improve your golf? Offset’s a word that, if you walk around the golf shop you’ll offset on probably quite a few sets either irons or drivers, but not a lot of people actually understand what offset is, what it stands for and how it can influence the golf club and the player. Golf Offset is basically the fact that the leading edge of the golf club is not lined up with the leading edge of the shaft. It’s offset. It’s been pushed back slightly. We often see that on certain clubs, generally aimed higher handicappers to help the ball get up in the air a little bit more. And you can look for offset on certain clubs; you can see there’s a little curve in the back of the neck of that club there, that’s offset. So when I look down on that golf club I can see that the leading edge is set back behind the leading edge of the hazel. And if I was to look maybe a better player set of golf clubs, there’d be a little bit less offset. The club head wouldn’t be sitting behind the leading edge of the shaft quite so much.

Happens on irons, also happens on drivers as well. The purpose of that is it allows the club head to have more weight, back and low and deep, to help get underneath the golf ball, to help hit the ball get up in the air. So if you got a golfer that’s really struggling to get the ball airborne and the ball is going low, and thinning, and topping too much, and the good shots just aren’t climbing, maybe a set of offset irons would help. The weight is low and deep that gets under the ball, helps the ball pop up in the air. Now a lot of better players don't want to hit the ball that high, and they don't want to have that awkwardness of necessarily looking down at a curved neck. So all the good players say, ‘Well offset clubs they are bit unattractive, they're not really for me.’ And that’s fine; let them stick to the blades or the muscle backs. But if you're struggling to get the ball up in the air, then the offset set of irons could really be the thing that revolutionizes your game. Higher, straighter, longer golf shots; that sounds pretty good to most people, I'm sure.