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Video Transcript

Now we have to hold the angle, isolate the angle, use the body turning in unison, if you can deal with that, then absolutely fantastic. However, there is a bit of a caveat to this, actually holding that much angle during the downswing and striking the ball successfully and consistently to get that combination correct is difficult to begin with. So how do you actually build up the confidence? How do you actually say to yourself, “Okay, I know the positions, I know the feelings, but how can I translate this into an actual golf shot?”

Well what I’ve got here is an eight iron, and we are going to switch over from the driver to the eight iron for this specific drill because you need to be starting small. But it’s a very really simple one to do and you can just includes isolating the wrist hinge and including the body top. So its getting set up, I’ve just teed up this ball very slightly getting settled down towards the target but actually taking this back swing exactly the same things as ball position has obviously shifted to the level of stands, begin that residue in the backswing, that nice big turn set of those is turning the body and isolating this position here.

Now the whole point of this is to get into this pre-impark position, the weight is left, the hips are turning, we got that set position. And then turning the body through and releasing the club but actually just practicing that part of the swing. Because all you need to do as well, yes that’s a good positions being, yes it’s very powerful position but you need to be out to square the club face to the target as you hit as well. Or you are going to be hand powerful shots all over the place. So it’s getting to the set of position, rehearsing that by actually moving it down into this position and then from there just holding that angle and as you just try to release it down towards the target. You can do it with small shots, you can do it with big shots, you can do it as much as you want but give it a go, give it a smack and see how you go.