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So another up and coming talent in the game of golf, Rickie Fowler. He’s not alone with having a little quirk in his golf swing as well. He tends to take the club a little bit off plane in his back swing. So, if we take a good set of the golf ball here, particularly notable with Fowler when he takes his driver, because he swings a bit longer. So he takes the club in to a good position to start with, but then in the back swing rotates his shoulders, but nothing else.

And the club has a tendency to just wonder off outside the line. Very little forearm rotation in that first couple of feet from taking the club back. Taking the golf club back this way for most club golfers would result in an over the top down swing, and quite a bit cork as well. So just be careful with this first movement. The way to check for yourself would be that you should have some forearm rotation. You got to be careful it’s not too much, that’s too flat, that’s back to Matt Kuchar’s type of fault going in here.

So taking it back, no wrist hinge and no rotation of forearms, or too much. Both of those movements could be a problem. With the camera pointing down the line here, you can replace that camera with a mirror. Stand sideways on to the mirror, turn your shoulders and at this level here, the flip head should really sit directly on top of my hands. And if I'm looking into the mirror where the camera is, I can't see my hands, because that’s in the way. That would tell me that I've got a nice on plane position. Then I would look for the club face. The club face should be just in from the vertical a little bit, not too open, not too closed, but just about right. Nice neutral movement, turn the shoulders, a little bit of forearms, there we go. From there it picks up to a nice position.

Now, Fowler is able to get himself into a good position, but Rickie Fowler’s move of one movement to here and then a very aggressive laid off position, he does get into position, but it just requires a little bit too much timing for the average club golfer. Unless you’ve been doing that for years, and years, and years, it’s very difficult to manipulate that position. I would much rather see that you just turn the club away nicely, keeping it on plane the whole time. That actually means that you need less manipulation and you get a bit more consistency in your overall game.