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One area of the golf technique that a lot of people struggle with is trying to generate any amount of lag on the down swing. Now the lag angle on the down swing is as the angles between the wrist and the shaft built to about 90 degrees at the top of the swing it’s allowing that lag angle to be maintained as you move down through the point of impact, through the point of impact. So don’t maintain through impact you will hit off to the right hand side. The storing of that and as you move down into the point of impacts and then releasing through the shot.

Now a lot of people struggle with making that lag angle stick because that group tension is very, very tight and they can’t feel where the cub head is. So if on the top they swing, they really try and hold that angle, really trying force into position and all that really happens there is the whole technique stiffens up and is not a good way to generate the lag angle that they are looking for. However if you can get the feeling is from the top of the swing that the hands are soft there and you are feeling that you are almost increasing the amount of lag angle coming down you can get a much, much better sensation of where the club head is and a much better amount of lag as you’re moving down through the ball and you can use that same swing feeling, that same swing thought as you actually hit the shot.

So it’s tilt to the top, soften in those hands, feeling like you’ve got that lag angle as you move through and then when you are on the ball, just try exactly the same thing, it just has to be a full swing to begin with but it’s tilt to the top, soft hands, feeling that you’ve got that little bit of lag as you move down into the ball and you should again have that sensation of exactly where the hands are at the top of the swing and moving into impact.