Video Series

Video Transcript

In these videos we are going to look about how you can hit more powerful golf drives by holding the angle. Now what we are talking about when we say holding the angle in the golf swing is as you take the club away as he wrist begin to actually hinge, it’s this angle created between the wrists and the shaft this 90° angle which we want to hold. Now that carries on throughout the entire backswing and we want to be holding it as we come down into the down swing as well. Now it’s holding the angle is known as lag angle, it’s known by quite a few different words. But what it actually does is when you hold the angle it creates a lever in the swing and that lever in the swing when it unwinds as you actually come through the ball that adds speed. So the longer you can add the angle and the faster that that releases at the point of impact, the more potential power that you are going to produce. So what we are going to have a look at is about how you can hold it exactly what it will give you throughout the swing and how you can actually have confidence with it. So wise to go through these videos and see if we can give you a little bit more power to your drives.