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Video Transcript

Now I always think that when you watch any sports person performing any sporting skill and they perform it well, to a high level, it always looks quite easy. And one of the reasons why they make it look so easy is because they’re very well balanced. Be it from a gymnast, or an Olympic diver, or hopefully, a good golf swing. Everyone who sort of does it to a high level, they make it look easy and it’s the balance that makes it look that way. So if you want to be nice and consistent with your golf, try and make sure you’ve got a good balance.

Now in the golf swing, that’s not as easy as it might sound, because we start off in a static position, but we have to wind up and create power, and then we have to release our power and actually just stand on one leg when we finish. So balance isn’t the easiest thing to get right, but if you follow this little simple guide, hopefully you’re balance will improve as well.

When you start off to the golf ball, try and feel that, for all of your irons anyway, your balance is 50/50 between your left and right foot, and also 50/50 between the front and the back of the feet, so not too much on the tip toes, definitely not sitting too much on the heels, or leaning one way or the other, nicely 50/50. And then as you wind up and create power in your back swing, your body weight will move to your right side a little bit, but you should still maintain your balance, not too much on the tip toe or the heel, and then turning through towards your front foot, all the body weight onto the front foot, just upon to the tip toe of your rear foot, but again, balanced stable.

And quite a good way of checking that you’re balanced is after you hit the ball, you should be able to hold your balanced position all the time the ball is in the air until it actually lands. So I don’t want really to see people hitting the ball and then moving straight away of it, or sort of struggling to keep their balance and falling forwards. Swing, hold your balance for 3 or 4 seconds, until the golf ball lands, and that shows that you’ve got a good balance. If you watch good players like Adam Scott and Justine Rose, always holding that balance finish position, all the time the ball, and hopefully lands on the green, and you’ll still be in this position, rather than out of balance.

And a great little check point for you, if you’re struggling with your balance, is actually to hit golf balls with your feet together. So you start off with a nice short club, something like a pitching wedge, feet just a couple of inches apart, and just little 50% power chips, and feel how your body weight and your balance can stay fairly even. Then, as you get better and more comfortable at striking the ball there, a little bit wider apart, and a few more, maybe 75% power, and then eventually back out to your full power, full swings, but each time, being fluid and balanced. And I'm sure if you can get better balance, you’ll be a more consistent ball striker and a better player.