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Video Transcript

So as of now we’re aware of few of the faults of an incorrect weight shift from the previous video. We can now look at this video as how to do it correctly. So when we’re set up to the golf ball, I've got myself an 8-iron, I've got my ball position just slightly ahead of center as I prefer for my 8-iron, and my body weight is nicely balanced in the 50-50 left and right, 50-50 toes and heels position, so I am very nicely balanced, no fear of falling over.

Now during our back swing, I'm going to work my shoulders around so the club moves away to the right and not to the top of my back swing here, and I'm working quite hard to try and avoid any massive weight shift. I can feel the pressure building on the inside of my right foot and it loads to the inside of my rear foot for a right-handed golf, that’s the right foot, but I don’t really feel like I've shifted my body weight across, then from the top of the backswing, I should feel like I am round about 50-50 still, maybe 60-40, you might feel the pressure on the inside of your right foot, but it's definitely another conscious shift to the right. But from here as I start my transition, as I start my downswing, it's a very conscious shift to the left. It’s a real big aggressive drive with the bottom half, shifting the body weight quickly to the left hand side, and a lot of people would class this as almost, it might feel like a slide back to the left but actually it’s a lateral rotation, so from the top of the back swing here, it's a lateral rotation back to the left-hand side.

It's not all rotation, it's not all lateral, it's both things together, it’s a lateral rotation back to the left side. Impact is now going to be sort of 80% on the left side, turning all the way through finish, finish, finish, 99% on the left side, just 1% on that right side and that’s purely for balance. I could almost lift that up and stand perfectly on my left leg, so I shouldn’t feel like I sway in the back swing and I shouldn’t feel like I lean back in the down swing. It should be a fairly neutral back swing position and a very aggressive drive through, to a nice hold finished position. So not much weight shift happening on the back swing, loads of drive, loads of lateral, loads of rotation happening with your weight shift on your downswing.