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Video Transcript

I think if we now understand how important that hip turn through to the left hand side is, we know what we should be doing, we know how we should be doing it. But for some golfers it’s still a bit of a sticking point. You might feel that you’re getting through to that left side, but it doesn’t look as smooth as it does on the guys on TV or the better players at your club. And I think the area there; can be down to a couple of different factors. So one of the first things I want you to come to consider is that you shouldn’t be in a rush to make your down swing. You know once you’ve got the club to the top, turn your hips to the left and drag the club in. And do it quickly but don’t snatch it, don’t get it to the top and spin your body as fast as it can because you’re probably going to spin backwards. So don’t be in a rush, make your swing feel smooth. If you want it to look smooth, make it feel smooth. The smoother golf swing will generally work on a more consistent basis. So you shouldn’t be having any jumpy or jagged posture to it, it should be nicely back and nicely through the ball. There should be no bits that rush or judder. So you can video yourself or watch yourself in the mirror, but videoing will be best. And just try and make everything as smooth as silk throughout the whole swing. While you’re there you could consider where the issues might start to arise for this movement through the ball and this hip rotation is actually physical hip flexibility.

If you feel that you are very tight around your hip joint, very tight around your lower back, you might find it very difficult to actually initiate that hip turn and keep it going throughout the swing. So it might be some exercises that you can do to generate a little bit more hip mobility. And you know good warming up exercises and particularly laterally on in the round as you start to get a bit tired, keep those hips moving, keep plenty of exercises going in there. You see Jimenez doing those exercises, doing in the European Tour, the club out here and his given all those big sexy hips. That’s all good hip mobility as a guy get into to his age, has drunk as much red wine as he has; he needs as much hip mobility as he possibly can to generate the movement in the down swing. One other area that ties all of this together, keeps it smooth, keeps the flexibility is good knee flex. You know it’s very, very difficult to do what were trying to achieve with the hips going into the golf ball if your legs are starting to lock out on you, it’s going to be much easier if we’ve got some good knee flex and we can create a good drive through the golf ball. So the right knee is staying flexed, left knee can straighten out slightly in the downswing. But ultimately in the finish position that right knee is going to stay flexed, we’re not going to be locking the right knee out to any point. So good flexibility, good knee flex throughout the whole swing and don’t be in a rush to hit this too much. Make your swing transition and your hip movement nice and smooth, your golf swing will look better and the ball will go further as well.