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In this swing tip we are going to have a look at how you should correctly move your weight and how your weight should shift during your takeaway and backswing and during the downswing in your golf swing. So if you setup ready to hit the golf ball, well balanced position and start to move the club to the right for right handed golfers on your takeaway, the correct movement here should see, you notice you’ve shifted just gradually onto your right side, maybe 60% of your weight has gone onto your right foot rather than it being 50-50. Now this isn’t something that you should force to happen. This really is a reaction from your body to the movement on you takeaway. So good takeaway will ensure that you have the correct weight transfer here.

So if you find you are not getting your weight on to your right side just work on taking the club head straighter back along the target line for longer. Feel that you are stretching your arms out a little bit more keeping that club head over the target line and then hinging the wrist so that you feel your hands are more away from your body. You can see you have got a good gap here between your right side and your hands. As this I happening, as the club and your arms stretch more to the right, you will find that your centre of gravity moves over to the right and that to help you balance and that’s what’s allowing the weight to shift over to the right.

So work on taking the club away from the ball really pushing the hands away from the body in a nice wide movement on the takeaway. That will help you to transfer onto your right foot, so that at the top of the swing you’ve got 60% of your weight on your right side. Now on the downswing we want to shift the weight back to the left. So from the top of the backswing we’ve got 60% of the weight on the right side. We are going to now use the lower body to rotate the knees towards the target rotate into the hips towards the target as the club drops down on the inside and by the time you get to impact you are going to feel that you have got a good 70% of your weight already on your left side.

Your right heel is up off the floor as your right foot is rotating as your weight shifting over to the left. So from 60% of the weight on the right foot, turn the knees turn the hips towards the target so the weight starts to shift over to the left side 70% of the weight on the left side at impact and then continue with this movement into a good balanced finish so you finish width 95% of your weight on your left side in your follow through position. Now if you struggle to get the weight on to the left side and you find you are more back in this position with too much weight on your right side as you were finish into your golf follow through.

Try doing this exercise. Stand so that your back side is touching a wall and go into golf position. Take your hands and your arms out of the shot and just rotate to the right as you would feel back swing. You will now feel the right side of you is touching the wall but the left side of your back side is off the wall. And that’s correct. So the correct action to shift the weight back across is now just allow your back side to roll along the wall so that the left side now touches the wall, the right side comes off the wall, and you continue that movement through so now the left seam of your trouser finishes touching the wall.

So work on making that rolling action along the wall to help teach you how to shift your weight correctly with your lower body on your down swing. You start to shift your weight correctly 60% on your right side during the backswing through to 95% onto the left side on your follow through, you are going to generate a lot more power in your golf swing and start to hit your shots a lot further.