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So, if we are now aware of how important the weight movements and the weight shift is during the golf swing. Let’s look at the three main culprits, the three main faults that lot of club and amateur golfers get into. So, we are going to call these the sway, the reverse pivot and the all arms.

So, when I setup to the golf ball here my bodyweight should be 50-50. So, the sway is a motion where we are just going to simply follow the club head with our bodyweight. As the club head moves back the bodyweight moves back, I have got about 80%, 90% bodyweight on my right leg here which is not a good place to be at this point. I then sway it back with my hips, my head, my body and I end up stumbling forward. And you can see with that motion when it’s made of full speed, there is very little control to what I am doing. So, I sway back this way and I sway all the way through and I get pulled off the shot.

Now that might look familiar to you either from yourself or even your playing partners are making that swaying motion. One place you definitely won’t see is when you watch the golfers on the TV in the PGA Tour, you don’t see that motion. Another motion you won’t see with the best players in the world is what we class as a reverse pivot. So, a reverse pivot is just pivoting in the opposite direction for where it actually like. So, this is a golfer, that starts 50-50 with their bodyweight again, but this time they are so conscious of not swaying that they actually go the opposite direction, leaning the bodyweight into the left leg and now I am 70% into my left leg. And from this position the only one way I can go really is to reverse pivot back out of it and end up on my right leg. So, we lean too far left, jump out of it and finish on the back leg and again that might look familiar from some of the guys that you have seen playing either yourself or your club level. Again you wouldn’t really see that on the PGA Tour, just be conscious of this reverse pivot is not stack and tilt, stack and tilt, two completely different things with reverse pivot inside, don’t suggest, oh my reverse pivot that’s just me stacking and tilting. It’s not reverse pivot I mean if that’s what you are doing.

One last thing we got to consider is a golf swing that is just all about the arms and doesn’t really involve any weight shift. So, some people are so conscious of keeping their bodyweight where they think it should be at the start of the swing, they keep all the way through the swing, they end up with very armsy swing, so the hands and arms just work and we don’t really shift the bodyweight. The problem here is very limited power, the body is not really helping out with the golf swing, the hands and arms become very inconsistent and simply don’t hit the ball as far as you like. So, we need to get good natural weight shift in the golf swing and good balance, we need to avoid the sway, the reverse pivot and the all armsy motion.