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Video Transcript

So during the back swing face we've got to understand how the weight shift is going to work but also how it works in conjunction with the other elements of the golf swing. So from a good address position facing forward is here I'm going to swing back nicely towards my right side, and I want to try and turn and create some power onto my right leg, and that should set the club into a good position at the top with a nice length of swing. Watch what happens when I get this bit wrong, if I start to lean back into my left side I can effectively have too much of an over swing. We see a lot of golfers that swing to the top then tilt the upper body to the left side, the club starts to come over the top wind up with a big over swing and effectively the over swing was created because the weight shift wasn’t good enough.

Now we've also got to consider how that affects things with the left knee if the left knee is getting too much body weight in the back swing the left knee could collapse and effectively that creates more or less of the same problem. So the left knee collapses there in the back swing, my waist is now going in the wrong way and once it starts to go into the wrong way it will keep going the wrong way, I'll keep leaning into that left leg and end up just getting longer and longer in the back swing here. So we want to make sure that the initial movement in the back swing is to shift the body weight towards that right side turning to the right side, holding, creating power against that right leg, but also creating a good bit of balance.

I'm stood nicely on the in step in my right side as I create the resistance then I can get to my left side, so the body weight does get left. But it doesn’t stop flying to the left until I finish the top of my back swing, it certainly doesn’t move left in the takeaway positions it loads up then it releases through the golf ball quite nicely. Just be careful with that idea of not over swinging than you don’t under swing there is a feeling that people are so careful to not over swing they slide to this side and stop quite short and just lacking power from that position. You're not really going to be able to generate enough power from this position. So nice and stable in the legs, drive the body weight to the right side in the back swing, turn aggressively back through to the left side, make sure that left leg doesn’t collapse. We don’t over swing and we don’t reverse pivot and that’s correct weight shifting for your back swing.