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Getting yourself out to balance throughout your gold swing or your follow through could be one of the reasons why you are still pushing the golf ball, balance plays a huge part throughout the entire swing but particularly relating into a ball that is going down the right hand side. So if you are in a good address positioning, you got your body weight nicely 50:50 but during your downswing you load too much and too early on to your left hand side but could get the golf club dropping too much from behind you resulting in the fact that you can't rotate your body through the downswing, the club face stays too open and you get bit of a down that right-hand side, so, so much how leaning back will often cause a leftward pulling shot, leaning forwards too much onto your front foot, driving through with your hands open could cause a push shot down the right hand side.

The other issue that might relate to a pull is too much body weight going onto your tiptoes, it’s a fairly similar fault we’ve had [Phonetic] [00:01:05] you don't turn behind the ball enough or deep enough into your right hip, you turn too much onto your tip toes, you fall forwards, the face stays open, and you push.

Don't mistake that with a shank, if you fall too forward, you have to shank it, but a push shot can be caused by too much body weight, leftwards or forwards, so its really important to stay nice and balanced. That was going to be with a mid eye in anyway, 50:50 a body weight from the start, a nice deep turn into the right hip for the right handed golfer and a back swing, 60% onto the back foot, yes, turning through and driving into your left leg but with balance, so in the finish you are nice and tall balance watching the ball fly straight rather than sliding and swaying to your left side, opening the face and blocking it, so pushing it down the right hand side. So make sure you hold your balance in the followthrough nice and tall and that should result in less blocked or pushed bad shots.