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Video Transcript

So one of golf’s latest superstars Rory McIlroy making headlines all around the globe for his golf being good or being bad and certainly making headlines with the golf swing, it’s a very powerful golf swing not using a massive frame in terms of his body size but certainly generates a massive club head speed and a massive club head arch, he setups to the golf ball in a fairly traditional position but has a very big weight shift away from the golf ball in the backswing creating a massive wind up, loads of body weight staying well onto the inside of the right foot. He stores his power brilliantly, keeps a nice, flex knee position to stop this leg locking out or rotating too much so, the legs are working hard to resist what the upper body is doing. He is turning a long way this way getting as far behind the ball as he feels like he can.

His legs are resisting not move and then in the downswing he lets his legs go, then he unleashed towards the golf ball incredibly quickly the right side, the right knee, the right hip, driving almost directly towards the golf ball, getting a long way in front of his head and his chest. Maybe almost feels like a little bit disconnected at this point, he stays well behind the ball with his head as long as he can as his hips clear, but in the last minute the hands work nicely from the inside, quite a low hand position of the ball but he lets his hands release very, very widely, likes to hit the ball with the right to left shape and certainly generates massive amount of club head speed from that position.

In terms of how you can learn from that in your own technique it would take a very flexible and very sort of young and supple body to create such a big position, but maybe you could learn a little bit from this that we want to load onto the right side on the backswing, we don’t want to involve the legs too much in that movement just apart from resisting. So you load into your right side particularly with your longer club stay that stay behind the golf ball a little bit longer, keep the head on the right side of the ball for a little bit longer and release from the inside, outside. If you are loading to your left side and getting in front of the golf ball that’s not going to work to well, it’s what we would call a reverse pivot to and over the top golf swing.

So like McIlroy load it behind the ball, drive from the inside line, keep behind the ball for as long as possible, use the legs to generate the power line McIlroy does and hopefully that will add distance to your Tee shots.