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Video Transcript

A lot of people are quite surprised about how much foot work is involved during the golf swing. A lot of people see the feet as just basis to build a good technical swing upon, however by using correct foot work you can transfer your weight more successfully and hit some very, very good shots. Now the basic rule what do you want to be seeing within your feet as you hit shots. Well, for start we have got the set of that we have already covered, have I again that left forward a little more bit outwards, the right foot pointing more forward to utilize you to turn back again to right side and rotate through.

But what is happening to the feet as they interact with the ground? Well, for start depending on how much back swing turn that you want, you can let that left heel rise above the ground on the way back which will give you a massive amount of turn. If you have enough flexibility you don’t need to do that and if you don’t naturally do that then it may be best leaving it on to the floor. But on the way back, if we do keep that left foot down, the left toe is out with the right toes pointed straight forward if not slightly right we are turning out to the top and as we move down what we want to be seeing with the foot work is as the weight transfers off to the left hand side, the right foot to be rolling inwards towards the ball. If that right foot just springs upwards, the hips can move forward towards the ball and it can cause some inconsistent shots.

So as you move through you want that right foot to be rolling inwards towards the ball. As that right foot rolls in towards, the ball the hips will continue to turn, you will hit the shot and at the finish position that right foot will continue to roll and rotate until it is pointing straight down at the ground. That type of foot work combined with the weight shift off to the left hand side will allow you to move through and transfer that weight successfully.

And if you can just finish open hole that finish position you will have moved through successfully, transferred your weight successfully and hopefully hit a successful golf shot.