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Should I always aim to fly the green with the ball as high as possible into the green? Well really that depends on the situation that you’re facing, if you’re hitting into a green, where the pin is at the front of the green, then you’re going to want to hit quite a high shot into the green because there is not a lot of green to work with, if you hit the ball high, it’s going to drop very, very vertically and when the ball lands you’re going to be able to, because it’s dropping from that vertical position you can be able to hold the green and attack the pin. But if the pin is not at the back of the green, and you’ve got plenty of green to work with, you’ve then got the option to hit a slightly lower shot into the green and get the ball running across the green.

Use the green so that it’s easier to land the ball as close to you as possible, so if you land it on the front of the green and then get the ball rolling into the green and up the green and into the flag, that already helped you to get the ball close to the pin, so really it depends on the situation and pin position is really going to have a lot to do with that. The other situation as well will depend on what the greens are like, if the greens are very, very bouncy, you are going to want to throw the ball up into the air because when the ball lands it’s going to bounce very hard on the green and if the greens are very, very bouncy, then it will give you more control, if you hit the ball in lower onto the very bouncy green, the ball is going to skid off the green bounce a lot and run through the back.

If the greens are very soft though, because it’s been raining a lot, then hitting the ball high into the green again the green is very receptive and the ball will stop very close to the flag, but you’ve got the option to be able to hit a lower shot in because with the greens being a little bit softer, it will hold the ball, so really whether you should always fly the ball in or not, it just depends on the situation, where the flag is and what the green conditions are like. So if you take those two things into account you should be able to hit much better golf shots, get in more accuracy and lowering your golf score.