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Hey, we’re going to look at how best to set the club at the top of your golf swing. So from an address position, really wide stance really help and create stability and balance, swing the club away in your takeaway and ensure that you’ve used the correct wrist hinge, because that will now allow you to rotate your shoulders to the top of the swing and set the club into this position. So what we’re looking for here, is your left arm has remained really straight, there’s a gap between your hands and the – your head. And the club isn’t horizontal; it’s slightly above being horizontal. So this is a great position to see that the club is there. If we move to this angle, as you swing the club back, hinge in the wrist and then into the best position, you'll start to see that the club should look parallel to your target line, so it’s not pointing at the target line, it’s pointing parallel left of it. And this is a great position to have the club set in at the top of the swing, because it’s going to allow you to easily and efficiently move the club back down on your downswing allowing you to generate a lot of power and a lot of club head speed. So work on keeping the club above horizontal in that set position and pointing parallel left of the target line, it'll improve your distance and massively improve your accuracy.