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How should I approach aerified golf greens? Aerified golf greens just mean that the green has been treated to make sure that it has the best root growth and that the green is in, is going to be in the best condition it can be in throughout the year. And it is necessary to do this. And what happens is that as the green is treated tines are taken out of the greens so basically a core of taken out of the green and then the hole that’s left is filled with sand and top dressing. And it promotes root growth into the grass on the surface on the green; it reduces a compaction from everyone walking on the greens. However when you take the holes, the tine marks leaving holes all over the greens it does become really, really difficult to get a consistent roll on that surface. So when the greens have been hollow tinned or aerified the main thing you need to do is play much higher shots into the green that land by the flag and have minimal roll across the green. Because obviously with all those holes in the green the ball can get deflected all over the place as it hits the holes.

The holes last for about two weeks and after that you can go back to playing with roll and with run on the ball again. But once it’s been done initially make sure you’re playing a much higher shot. So here we go with how to hit a higher golf shot than normal. Take your setup and make sure your feet are shoulder width apart as you address the ball, you want to play the ball slightly further forward than you usually would because this will just encourage you to catch the ball slightly on the upswing and allow you to put a little more loft onto the club face than you usually would have. As you set your hands up rather than playing with your hands in front of the ball and forward the ball with the shaft leaning to the left you’d want to play so the shaft is more perpendicularly to the floor. So a tip here would be to make sure that the shaft is pointing at your bellybutton as you play from this addressed position.

This will just allow you to increase the loft on the club and again will slightly more increase more loft on the club you’ll hit a slightly higher shot. So with those address alterations we’ve got the ball slightly further forward than usual and we’ve got the hands over the ball so the shaft of the club is pointing at your bellybutton. Make sure you keep your weight quite even and then we’re just going to make your usual golf swing. And you should see that you get a much higher flighted shot than usual which will allow you to hit onto the green, attack the flag but the ball will drop far more vertically and it won’t be as affected with the holes that are left on the green from the hollow tinning.