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Video Transcript

How do you aim the golf club, to hit straight golf shots? Well this is quite a simple and straight forward answer, because generally the ball, so the rule of thumb will just fly off the golf club at a right angle to the gruts. So all we need to do is ensure that when we set the golf club up, the club phase is aiming at a right angle to where you want the ball to go. So as a drill, what I would do, is practice standing behind the ball and aiming you got an alignment pole or another golf club, directly from the ball to the target. Now what I want you to do is practice setting the golf club at a right angle to that pole. And you can see that this creates a right angle or a letter T, a capital letter T on its side. And now the golf club is aligned correctly.

Obviously, out on the golf course, you can’t put a pole or a golf club down. So what you’d want to do, when practicing this drill, is also to look at a spot about a foot or two in front of the ball, pick that spot out, and then set the golf club to that spot, imagining in the line from the spot back to the golf club and then set in the club phase at that right angle, because that’s going to get the golf ball flying off and down the target line. Once you’ve set the golf club phase to the target line, at the right angle, just make sure you set your feet in line with the groves and the face, and then split the feet to set your stance. You’re now in a great position to hit a straight shot from. So make sure that you set the golf club phase at right angle to the target line, you’ll start hitting much better golf shots.