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How should my golf chipping set up be different to my full swing set up? Well we can look at that two ways on, initially if we are going to look head on, the chipping set up you should play the ball from the middle of the feet. The feet are going to be fairly narrow to promote your balance through the shot and you won’t pull your left foot back, so it helps you to turn you hips through the target as you hit the shot. We also want to set up so the hands are forward and you are really creating this straight line from the left shoulder down the left arm and down the shaft of the club and with your on the left side of the ball. That will promote you just have more weight on the left side and it will help you strike down and hit a really nice crisp clean chip.

So if we look this way on, the set up position you will aim your clubface down the target line, have your feet parallel to the target line and then with the left foot, just throw the left foot directly back, it should rotate the in the hips towards the target so as that you play the shot, you can swing the club back, but then turn through the shot allowing the arms to extend down the target line as you turn through the shot. If we look at full shot and the setup there, the stand is going to be much wider, the reason for this is that our swing length is – our swing arc is much wider, the distance from the club head to your shoulders is a lot longer, so it will generate a bigger swing arc and you will produce more speed because it takes you longer to swing around that swing arc. So the stance has to become wider to allow you to balance through the swing without additional speed.

We are also going to hold at the top of the handle, you may have noticed when I was in the chipping position, I held down the handle for added control, but shortening your hands down the handle, reduces the distance you can hit and with the full swing we are looking for a distance from the shot. So widen the feet up and hold at the top of the handle, there are two main alternations in this position, if we look this way on, we are going to aim the clubface down the target line and we are going to make sure that we set up with our feet parallel to the target line. Previously when we were chipping, we stood with the left foot back to help the hips turn through the shot. But if we do that here, its going to make us swing the club head on to the outside of the target line and we are going to make quite a straight back swing which will then cook across the target line as we hit. That won’t help us produce a straight shot, we’ll either hit straight, left or we’ll impose some spin onto the ball and see the ball slicing.

So what we want to do is ensure that our feet are parallel, our toes are parallel to the target line so that we can swing the club head along the target line and then back along the target line as we hit. So make sure the difference is between chipping in full swing are the width of your stands and pulling your left foot back or having your left foot parallel to allow you to create more talk in a full swing but allow you to turn through the shot with your hips on the chip.