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With this swing tip, we’re going to have a look at how you can best align your hybrid golf club, to get you most accuracy from all of your golf shots. Now if we look at the golf club the ball is always going to fly off this clubface at a right angle. So it’s really important that you aim that clubface and make sure that it’s at right angle to your target line. So if we’re going to look when you’re out on the golf course how to do that, what you need to do is get yourself directly behind the ball so you’re looking from the ball to your target and then draw a line back from the target directly to the ball. I would pick something out on that target line maybe two to three feet in front of the ball. So I'll deliberately put another golf ball there to show that that’s where I want to aim my golf club. So now as I bring the golf club in I’m going to set the clubface so it’s making a right angle to that other ball and to the line that I want to hit the ball down to the target line. I’m then going to place my feet together and make sure that my feet are parallel with the clubface and the lines or the grooves on that clubface and also that if I extended those grooves back to my feet they’re hitting in the middle of my feet, so my feet aren’t forward of the clubface or back behind it. So I’m just setting up so that my feet are middle of the club face but parallel to it and then I'll set my stance so.

Now if you struggle to be able to tell where a right angle is or when that clubface is pointing down the target line, Thomas Golf have come up with a great idea as they have an alignment line on the top of their golf club and on the top of their rescues especially so, this is a fantastic way to help you align you hybrid. All you have to do now is make sure that the line on the top of that golf club is pointing at the mark that you’ve picked out. So you don’t have to struggle with how the club face should look all you have to do is get that line absolutely in line with where you want to hit the golf ball to. So make sure your clubface is squared to your target that means it’s making a right angle to the target line, but if you struggle with that consider going to the Thomas Golf and getting yourself a hybrid from their website because they have this fantastic patented alignment line on the top of the golf club and it makes it so much easier to aim your hybrids or any of your golf clubs using that. If you aim your golf club better you’re going to become more accurate and hit much better shots and you’re going to notice your scores are getting a lot, lot lower when you’re out on the golf course plain.