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Video Transcript

How far up the golf club should I grip? Well this depends on how far you want to hit the golf ball. The lower down that you hold on the handle, the shorter you’re going to hit the golf shot, because you’re creating a shorter swing arc. You’re reducing the distance between your shoulders and the club head. So as the club head moves around you, it moves on a much narrower swing arc, and you don’t have as much time to pick up speed. And the speed transfers from the club head into the ball to produce distance. So what I’d say is you if you hitting a shorter shot, and just a par shot, so say for example, a chip or a pitch, you’d want to hold down the handle to a certain extent. Either half way down, or at the very bottom for a shorter shot, because you’re not looking for power and distance with that shot, and the shorter you make the distance between the club head and your shoulders and hands, the easier it is to control the club head. So to play a chip, I would hold at the bottom of the handle, and it gives you much more control over the club head.

If we’re looking for distance though, you want to hold at the full extent of the club. So make sure your hands are at the very top of the handle. But what you don’t want to do is have your hands hanging over the end of the club. Now what you’ll find on the grip, there’s usually a line at the top of the grip, which I’ve got a pink one on this grip here. So I’m going to make sure that my hand is maybe just about quarter of an inch lower than that line. And then I’m holding at the full extent of the club, but I’m not letting my hand hang over the handle. If your hands – all of your hands on the handle, you’ve got more control over the golf club. Once your hand starts hanging over the end of the handle, you’ve got less control with your left hand if you’re a right handed golfer, and less control of the club. So for full shots, hold at the full extent of the handle, make sure all of your hand is on the grip and not hanging over, and then you’ll make a much wider swing arc, and hit the ball a lot further.

So for shorter shots where you want more control, grip down, but for longer shots, hold at the full extent to the handle.