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Video Transcript

Now we all want to be consistent golfers don’t we? And we’d all like to be consistent with every club in the bag. We often find golfers that are more consistent with the driver than when they are with the wedges or vice versa better with the wedges than they are with the driver. Now it’s important as a golfer to try and be consistent with every club in the bag. Now the keys to being consistent I always feel a good balance and good tempo.

You very rarely see a golfer with good balance and good tempo hitting one shot down in the middle and spraying the next one side ways. Because so much of the bad shots that people have are poor balance and poor timing, poor tempo. So as a golfer, we want to hit drivers with the same tempo we hit wedges. We want to hit seven nines with the same tempo we hit bunker shots. So tempo remains the same and also, the balance remains the same.

So as a golfer we stand up to the golf ball, we’ve got a nice wide stance, we are quite comfortable, toes, heels, left right all nicely balanced. During the back swing, the body weight might move to the rear leg a little bit and during the follow through it will all move to the front leg, back tip toe onto the ground here, but most importantly balanced and stable and not falling over.

Likewise, when we’re going through the bag with the tempo we want to keep the tempo quite positive, quite authoritative, but not overly quick. So a great way of practicing good tempo is just hitting balls with your feet together; clipping a few balls away with your feet together will make sure that you’re maintaining balance maintaining tempo. So I’ve got a seven nine here, feet together, and just knocking a few shots down the range. And if I did this prior to my round of golf, I’d probably feel it when I go out and play I’m not going to be too aggressive.

And you can see I can hit the ball here, maybe not full distance, probably going about 130 yards with that one, my feet together and I’m not off balance. If I was trying to hit too hard and losing my balance that would be a clear sign of inconsistency, bad tempo, and ultimately that’s going to find out where the gaps are in my bag and exploit those and make me less consistent with my longer and shorter clubs. So good balance, good tempo, great ways to be more consistent throughout the bag.