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My fingers hurt playing golf, should I try the golf baseball grip. Well initially I would say to you with this, ‘It’s better to interlock or overlap’ because to have your hands working as one unit where they're connected either by interlocking or overlapping the hands will work as a unit rather than two separate hands. Base ball grip can allow you to just part the hands and then you start getting the hands working independently. So if the fingers are hurting first of all try these tips. So whether you interlock which these, the little finger and the index finger interlocking together or whether you overlap which just sees the little finger sitting in the cradle created between the index and the middle finger on the opposite hand, just see what pressure you're holding the club at to start with.

One reason that you might be experiencing pain in your fingers and them hurting is you're just squeezing the club too tight so whether you interlock or overlap, squeeze the club as tightly as you can and then we’ll call that a 10, drop it to five so half pressure and then a touch less just down to four and that’s the correct pressure to play from. So it might just be that you're holding too tight and that’s what’s making the flingers hurt. The second thing I’d just try as well is if you do interlock just make sure you're not interlocking too deeply so by that if you interlock on the webbing between your finger so this area here if it’s actually touching each other on the interlock you’re interlocking too deeply and that’s going to force the fingers apart and cause you tension and issues with the fingers.

You need to interlock much more gently so more like this so the webbing at the bottom of the fingers is not touching each other. So a much gentler interlock not as deep will really help and it will stop again any sort of pulling of the fingers apart which could be causing the problem. But if you try those two tips and you find that you're still experiencing pain, obviously you can't play if you’re fingers are hurting that much and if there's no other option then at least the golf baseball grip if it alleviates the issue with the pain in your fingers is the last option. But try the pressure that you're holding at first, loosen it off and then if you do interlock just don’t do it quite so deeply and I think you will find that that will actually improve that you're fingers feel more comfortable.