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Video Transcript

I think one of the most common causes of miss-hit shots in a golf swing is very common both misconception with keep your head down during the golf swing. I think if you have coaching with the PGA Professional you’ve never heard PGA Professional talk about keeping your head down. When amateurs look at keeping the head down as I go through the impact position, if their head stays low the right shoulder isn’t able to turn through the shot. So you’ll get this cramped up position here which actually is going to force the clip to slow down and decelerate meaning you not going to hit as far. Cramping up as well is going to cause you problems with extending down the target line. So better players, what you’ll find better players do is that they actually lift their head slightly once they’re hitting the ball and through into the follow through to allow really good turn in the shoulders into the follow through so the club can move at maximum speed. So the next time that you’re playing work on keeping your head stable but make sure you allow your head to lift during your follow through. Let the right shoulder, as you feel the right shoulder coming under the chin, let that right shoulder turn your head out of the way rather than keeping your head fixed and creating this cramped position here. So work on the following move.