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What should I focus on if I start gripping the club too tightly? Well one of the main problems of gripping the club too tightly is the fact that as you grip the club, and you start gripping it tightly, your muscles will start to work in your forearms. And when your muscles are working they actually shorten, they contract. So when you’re going into posture, and you set your posture, you’ve set the distance between the club head and your shoulders. And as soon as you grip really tightly, the length of your arms and in effect is shortening. So effectively, you’re pulling the club head up away from the ball, and now you’re going to have either a complete air shot, or you’re going to top the ball. So also going to give you issues if you tighten your arms; that will transfer into your shoulders and you won’t be able to rotate fully.

So what you want to focus on doing is relaxing; relaxing the hands and getting your grip pressure to a good pressure. Where you’re actually holding the club rather than squeezing it. So, if you find it difficult to relax your hands, don’t fight that, squeeze it tightly as you can, and if we call that 10, what you want to do is squeeze it tightly as you can to a 10, and then just half it down to a five. You can just nudge a little bit more relaxation to a four, that’s the ideal pressure to hold the club at. So squeeze it tightly as you can to 10, half it, then down to four, swing and hit your golf shot and you should find that you get a really good strike, because you’re swinging in from a very relaxed position.

So work on squeezing as tight as you can, then halving it down you’ll hit much better golf shots.