Video Series

Video Transcript

If you have now started to build a really consistent and repeatable golf swing and you start to feel quite confident that your technique is pretty good, but you are still not hitting the ball and you are still not getting the results in the fashion that you would like. There could be an issue with the actual strike location on the clubface, you don’t feel like you are hitting the ball in the right place all of the time. And one of the biggest fears that golfers have is hitting the ball too far towards the heel of the golf club. The issue particularly with driver is when you hit the ball on the heel, it won’t go far enough, it could slice from left to right and it might not go high enough up into the air.

Now that problem could be compounded even further if we consider what might be happening with an iron moving the ball down and towards the low heel side, again it won’t go high enough or far enough into the air, move it actually across so that club starts to strike the ball actually from the heel, the curve hosel part of the club, we could start to encounter the shank.

Now if there is one positive element to this, it maybe that if every single ball that you ever hit is hitting the heel part of the golf club. Maybe every single time you strike the ball is there is wearing a spot on your drive, it’s wearing a spot on the irons, the grass, the mud is always in the heel. The positive side of that is at least you have got something consistent to hold on to you, you have got something repeatable that’s happening. You are hitting the same spot every time that tells us that your swing is working in a consistent repeatable fashion every time. It just not in the right place yet. So the hope is that we can keep the consistency that you have engrained and start to move it across into the right location.

So the next little miniseries of tips is designed for you to learn how to strike the ball more from the center of the clubface and to stop hitting the ball so much in the heel or slicing or shanking the golf ball from that part of the club.