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One thing I have to note in my day to day teaching when I’m talking to clients is the guys that talk about hitting the same bad shot over and over again. Now they are really easy to fix and really easy to work on because they know what bad shot there’ve got. I can appreciate the faults that they’ve got and then we start to work on that. But some people sit down with me and they say I just don’t know what the ball is going to do Pete sometimes it will go left, sometimes it will go right, sometimes I’ll top it, sometimes I’ll sky up into the air. And those people are little bit more difficult to work with to start with. Because they don’t understand their swing, their swing is inconsistent and their faults aren’t consistent. And when they go out in the golf course it can get quite frustrating that every different shot goes in every different direction. So we need to start to try to do is firstly make sure that you’re setting up to the golf ball in as consistent a fashion as possible. Thinking consistently and swinging as consistently.

That should start to make a little bit more sense about the results that you are getting and make them more consistent. And then start making notes the best thing really is to get some stats some feedback from your practice sessions or some rounds on the golf course. Maybe mark on the scorecard after you’ve played. Did I miss it to the right, did I miss it to the left, did I fat it, did I thin it, did I have three putts, or did I take me three to get out of the bunker. Start to make some stats over the course of maybe three or four rounds of golf. Then analyze those stats and work out which is your most common bad shot and faults. Then go and see a PGA golf professional and start trying to work out those areas that have inconsistency, working from the top of that list downwards. If it’s one shank in every four rounds of golf the shank clearly isn’t the problem. If it’s 15 pool tee shots to the left hand side in four rounds of golf then that might be the thing you go away and work on first. If you have a few different messes and you are not too happy about those different parts of your game, have a look at use the search function and try and find the corrective videos to help with your inconsistent shots.